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We make cricket protein bars that are designed to give you that extra spring in your step that you need to take on the world. Whether you’re hiking your favorite trails or simply biking home from the office, our protein bars are here to give you the fuel you need to get through.

A Sustainable Superfood

Crickets are one of the best sources of protein on the planet. They’re a nutritionally-balanced, delicious treat packed full of fuel -- which might be why over 80% of the world already eats them. Best of all, cricket farming is environmentally-friendly and sustainable. Crickets use significantly less water, they produce practically no methane gas, and they require less food and land than other traditional protein sources.

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Energy bars that put a chirp in your step.

A better protein bar.

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Protien Bars


3 delicious flavors. 16 grams of protein. Nutritious and Sustainable.

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Maximum Nutrition – Minimum Resources