How can I pay for my order?

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal. If you’re paying with PayPal, after reviewing all of the purchase details, click Complete Order and you will be redirected to PayPal to confirm your billing information. 

How do I check the status of my order?

Sign into your account and navigate to the MY ACCOUNT page (top, right corner). Under Fulfillment Status, you can find the status of your order. If the status is Unfulfilled, it means we’re still working on packing up your order! If the status is Fulfilled, it means your order is on the way. For more details, click on the order number.

How do I track my order?

We’ll automatically send you a confirmation when your order has shipped - in this email, you can find a link to the tracking information. Alternatively, sign into your account and navigate to the MY ACCOUNT page (top, right corner). Under Order History, click on the order number you want to track. You can find the tracking information here.

After my order has shipped, how do I edit the shipping information, delivery speed or cancel the order?

Unfortunately, once your order has been fulfilled we cannot change or cancel it in any way.

What are the shipping options and how long will my order take to arrive?

For standard, domestic shipping, your bars will be shipped by DHL Smartmail and take 3-8 business days. You also have the option to ship USPS Priority Mail (taking 2-5 business days) or UPS Second Day Air (2 business days). For international shipping, you have the option to ship USPS Priority Mail International (6-10 business days) or USPS First Class International (7-21 business days).

Do you take returns or offer refunds?

As all of our products are food, and thus are of a perishable nature, we do not offer returns at this time.  We’d love to hear your feedback though at info@exoprotein.com.

 How do I change my password?

Simply send us an email at info@exoprotein.com and we’ll send you an email with instructions to reset your password.

How do I change the email address associated with my account?

Simply send us an email at info@exoprotein.com and we’ll make the update for you. Be sure to include the old and the new email addresses!

How do I update my default address?

Sign into your account and navigate to the MY ACCOUNT page (top, right corner).  Select View Addresses under your current saved address. From here, you can edit or delete your save addresses.


How do I access my subscriptions?

Effortlessly review and manage your subscriptions, when it arrives and the way you pay. Simply login to your Shopify account. Navigate to the MY ACCOUNT page (right side of the top navigation bar).  You’ll see this page:

Subscription screenshot 2

Changes made here will not be reflected in you subscription. Click Manage Subscriptions to find your subscriptions. You’ll be directed to your Subscriptions portal that looks like this:

Subscription screenshot 2

Here’s your guide to managing your subscriptions….

  1. Edit “Ships To”: Click here to edit your shipping information. Each of your subscriptions can have a different shipping address. If you move, please make sure you update all of them!
  2. Edit: Click here to edit this subscription. One the next page, you’ll be able to make the following changes…
    1. Change next shipment date. Going away and need to delay your delivery? Roommate ate your bars and you need to expedite your delivery? No problem. Customize your next delivery date here.
    2. Change the number of boxes of bars you’re subscribed to
    3. Change delivery schedule (frequency of deliveries)
    4. Update payment information
    5. Update billing address
    6. Cancel your subscription
  3. Cancel: Click here to cancel your subscription.
  4. Re-activate: Click here to reactivate a previously cancelled subscription.
  5. Add Product:Click here to add a product to your subscription. You’ll be given the option to select product, frequency of deliveries, quantity and next shipment date.
  6. Delivery Schedule: Click here if you’d like to review your next few shipments. From here you can edit or skip shipments. Only your next few shipments will appear here and more shipments will appear as the dates get closer.
  7. Billing Information: Click here to review or edit your billing address and credit card.
  8. Purchase History: Click here to review your purchase history.

What subscription options do you offer?

We offer subscriptions to any of our 12-bar boxes and you can get the bars delivered every 30, 60 or 90 days.  

Why should I subscribe?

When you subscribe to a box of our bars you’ll not only receive your favorite Exo bars in the mail on a frequent basis, hassle-free, but you'll save 11% and get free shipping. We also put aside inventory every month specifically for our subscribers, so you'll never have to worry about out-of-stock delays.

My card was declined. What do I do?

Don’t panic! You won’t miss a shipment.  If your payment was declined, you should receive an email that includes a link to your account where you can make the update. Alternatively, navigate to the Billing Information page in the Manage Subscriptions section of your account (see image above for details).  Once you’ve updated your credit card, we’ll automatically retry to place your order. If all goes well, you’ll receive the bars in no time! Your next shipment will come on your regular schedule.  

Will you let me know when I have a shipment coming up?

Yes! We’ll send you an email directly before each shipment.  You can review your upcoming deliveries at any time by navigating to the Delivery Schedule page in the Manage Subscriptions section of your account (see image above for details).

Since you’re storing my payment information - how do I know it’s safe?

Rest assured that all payments are processed in a secure PCI-compliant environment to the highest industry standards.


Where do your crickets come from?

We work with a couple of domestic cricket farms that specifically raise crickets for human consumption. Our crickets are currently fed a Certified-Organic grain-based diet and filtered water. We are constantly focused on optimizing the feed and are experimenting with various options including organic matter like orange peels and cornhusks.

How do you make cricket flour?

After cleaning the crickets, we dry them to remove the moisture and mill them into fine flour. The result is slightly nutty-tasting flour that is high in protein and micronutrients.

Are crickets kosher?

According to some interpretations of Leviticus, crickets (along with grasshoppers, locusts and katydids) are indeed kosher as they have jointed legs and hop on the ground. It’s contentious exactly which type of cricket was being referred to, however, and we have therefore been unable to receive official kosher certification (yet). If you are a rabbi and interested in discussing this further, please call Gabi at (401) 527-7202.

Are crickets vegan or vegetarian?

Technically, no. But depending on your motivations for being vegan or vegetarian, you might be willing to eat insects. If you’re concerned about environmental impact, raising crickets is dramatically less harmful than raising traditional livestock. As invertebrates, crickets also have a much less developed nervous system than other animals. Renowned ethicist Peter Singer has expressed that he has no problem with killing insects.

How many crickets are in each bar?

There are approximately 40 crickets in each bar.

I want to start a cricket farm. Will you buy from me?

We are always looking for new partners. However, at this time we can only work with vendors actually producing crickets. If you are currently producing and are interested in working with us, please send an email to info@exoprotein.com with the subject line "New Cricket Vendor Inquiry". Please include: your monthly volumes, your lowest pricing per lb of frozen crickets, what you feed the crickets, and how long your lead times are.


How do your bars compare to other bars?

Our primary motivation for starting Exo was to create a range of bars that not only taste great but are actually good for you. We’re confident we’ve succeeded in reaching that goal. We use only whole, minimally processed, and pronounceable ingredients in our recipes, which are all developed by our amazing three-Michelin-Star chef. Our bars are high in protein, low in sugar and incredibly nutritionally dense, making them perfect for snacking, meal-replacement or pre/post-exercise.

What about so-and-so bar with lower calories/fat/carbs and higher protein?

All of our bars contain 270-300 calories, 10g protein, 14-20g fat, 13-18g sugar, and 5-7g fiber. If you compare macronutrients in isolation, some other bars might at first appear to be healthier. But comparing ingredients tells you everything you need to know: while we use only real, nutrient-dense whole foods in our bars, many other bars achieve their nutritional profile by using a long list of ingredients that you need a PhD in biochemistry to recognize. The healthy fats in our bars are from nut butters and the carbohydrates are from fruits and honey.

Are your bars paleo?

Our Cocoa Nut, Blueberry Vanilla, Banana Bread, and Apple Cinnamon flavors are 100% Paleo, but our PB&J bars do contain peanuts (a legume), as well as small amounts of certified gluten-free oats and puffed brown rice for texture.

What is the shelf-life of your bars?

Because we use only ultra-premium ingredients and zero preservatives, the shelf life of our bars is eight months.

What’s the deal with shellfish allergens?

Crickets are not shellfish and therefore do not need to be labeled as a shellfish allergen. However, some people will be allergic to crickets because there are people that are allergic to everything. The reason people have said that crickets and shellfish share an allergen is because they are distantly related, and so it is the closest common allergen.

Do you sell cricket flour as a stand-alone product?

Currently, our limited capacity doesn't allow us to do so, but we have plans for this in the near future. Stay tuned.


Is Exo a social enterprise?

Absolutely; we believe that Exo is a social venture in the most fundamental way. We don’t complement our business with a separate social mechanism on the side (a la Tom’s shoes); rather, the very core of our business is about trying to change the way people think about an untapped food source, which, if successful, will have enormous positive impact on the world.

You talk about addressing global food and sustainability problems on a large scale. Why start with protein bars?

We believe delicious and healthy protein bars are an intelligent first step towards normalizing the consumption of insects, which will in turn have enormous global impact. Much like the California Roll first introduced Westerners to sushi in the 1960s by combining the raw fish with avocado, rice and seaweed, we intend our bars to serve as an introductory vehicle for insects by combining cricket flour with more familiar ingredients like nut butters and fruits. The sashimi comes later.

What is the company theme song?

"XO" by Beyonce, obviously.

Where can I watch your Kickstarter campaign video?

Right here.

How can I get involved?

We are always looking for exceptional people with a passion for our mission. Visit our Jobs page to see open positions and apply!

How do I become an Exo wholesaler?

Follow this link to our application page.