Join the Cricket Protein Revolution

Acheta Protein. The closest thing to a perfect protein source this planet has ever seen. Turn this sustainable wonder into powder, add quality ingredients, and you’ve got some damn delicious fuel. Most of the world has joined the insect-eating revolution—we’re here to convert the rest.

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Future Forward

Global Popularity

80% of the world already feasts on Acheta Protein daily.

So, what makes them so popular? For starters, they produce virtually no methane and require minimal feed, water and space compared to traditional protein sources. They’re also nutritionally balanced and down right delicious.

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Maximum Nutrition, Minimal Resources

Feed usage is one of the most resource-intensive parts of livestock farming.

60 lbs protein


30 lbs protein


15 lbs protein


5 lbs protein


Crickets require a tiny fraction of the water that cows do to make the same amount of protein.

Crickets 1 Gallon

Chickens 567 Gallons

Pigs 800 Gallon

Cows 2000 Gallon

Crickets produce 1% of the greenhouse gases that cows produce.

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Complete Protein

Balanced Nutrition

Crickets are a complete protein source, containing all the essential amino acids.

Cricket powder also contains over twice as much iron as spinach.

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Essential Nutrient Iron


Cricket flour is more than half protein by volume. See how they stack up to other protein sources:

Cricket Flour 65%

Beef Jerky 33%

Chicken 23%

Salmon 22%

Egg 12%

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Naturally Tasty

Unrivaled Flavor

Crickets are delicious any way you spin them. Here at Exo, we flash freeze, and mill them into a super fine powder. The taste is subtle, adding a smooth nutty flavor to our bars.

We take the most nutritious protein, add quality ingredients, and blend to make damn good fuel.

Protien Bars


3 delicious flavors. 16 grams of protein. Nutritious and Sustainable.

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Maximum Nutrition – Minimum Resources