Greg Sewitz
Greg Sewitz, Co-Founder

A native of Los Angeles, Greg studied Cognitive Neuroscience and English at Brown University, writing his thesis on the neuroscience of morality. He always assumed he would be a writer, or a scientist—or a science writer. He has worked at the Exploratorium museum in San Francisco assisting in the design of exhibits on climate change and resource depletion and was going to India to teach neuroscience to Tibetan monks before Exo steamrolled in.

The most unusual thing he's ever eaten: Exploded shrimp brains in Spain.

Gabi Lewis
Gabi Lewis, Co-Founder

Born in Israel and raised in Scotland, Gabi moved to the USA to attend Brown University, where he earned a dual degree in Philosophy and Economics. He has taught English in the Amazon (where he ate his first insect), worked at the world’s largest hedge fund and received numerous grants for social entrepreneurship. He is a competitive powerlifter and once cycled down the world’s most dangerous road in Bolivia. He was one of only a handful of travelers in his group who remained unscathed.

The most unusual thing he's ever eaten: “Jungle Bacon” in Ecuador.

Kaitlin Holliday
Kaitlin Holliday, Chief of Staff

Born and raised in Toronto, Kaitlin indulged her many curiosities from the beginning. She spent time Olympic lifting with Canada’s top junior competitors, folding origami, studying ballet and entering speech competitions. Her family forwent conventional trips to Disneyland and opted for multi-week canoe trips through the lakes of northern Ontario and Quebec. Between getting a degree in Applied Economics and Math, a diploma in Fitness and Lifestyle Management and her Crossfit Level 1, she backpacked across Asia, road-tripped up the west coast of North America and visited the highest peak in Europe.

The most unusual thing she's ever eaten: Live bugs!!

Kyle Connaughton
Kyle Connaughton, R&D

Kyle is a rare breed of chef indeed. He’s fluent in Japanese and has been known to jump out of a helicopter to find the best mountain powder and fire AK-47s into the nighttime desert sky. Bringing the extraordinary knowledge, skill, and creativity that he honed as the Head Chef of R&D at The Fat Duck (3 Michelin Stars) in England and Culinary Director at Chipotle, Kyle directs Exo’s product development and troubleshoots with Greg and Gabi at all hours of the day.

The most unusual thing he's ever eaten: Steamed cod sperm sacs at a secret one-table restaurant in Japan, while wearing a frozen paper fox mask and being led in a song-prayer to the god Inari for a good rice harvest by the chef’s wife.

Jess Tran
Jess Tran, PR & Communications

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, Jess flew 9,929 miles and 16 hours into the past without a job or friends to live in New York, where she now helps convince people to eat crickets and fosters abandoned dogs without homes. She was once on a national Australian skipping team, read more than 300 books at the age of 13, trekked the Inca Trail, visited Morocco as a first-time solo traveller, and during her first few weeks at Exo, has managed to eat the first fish eye, oyster and prime rib in her life.

The most unusual thing she's ever eaten: Whole fried guinea pig and frog shakes in Peru.

Jess Tran
Zac Goldberg, E-Commerce

Zac's life took its first interesting turn when he moved to Israel in an attempt to learn falafel's most perfect ratio of chickpea to flour. He also attended business school there. The ratio, it turned out, was 4:1. Soon after, Zac landed in Chicago, and as one of the seven founding team members at Groupon, created the marketing program for the business that Forbes named "The fastest growing company ever." Now he's settled down in Providence, Rhode Island, where he feels no insecurity about his state's size.

The most unusual thing he's ever eaten: Street pigeon in Cairo.

Joe Salvatore
Joe Salvatore, Operations

A proud son of San Diego, Joe has roamed the planet in search of the best practices to solve the world’s thorniest socio-economic dilemmas. His work and studies, plus an insatiable appetite for amazing street food, has taken him from downing baijiu in Beijing back alleys to fireside cookouts in the coffee fields of Madagascar. After graduating from University of California at Davis, Joe joined the Peace Corps and upon return helped drive a “Made-in-Africa” chocolate brand to international presence before finally seeing the light of clean living and sustainable insect protein.

The most unusual thing he's ever eaten: Seahorse soup.