Products We Love (For Real!) – Part 1

by Jess Tran January 26, 2016

At Exo HQ, we’re constantly trying weird and wonderful new things. It’s part of the job – as champions of insect protein, we need to be adventurous when it comes to new (and sometimes strange) culinary experiences.

Check out some of the awesome products the team is loving this month – from medicinal mushroom hot chocolate to Japanese drinking vinegar.

Four Sigma FoodsMushroom Hot Cocoa with Cordyceps

Our good friends at Four Sigma are behind tasty and uber convenient mushroom beverages – their product stems from (get it) fungi’s long-standing role in human medicine and general well-being, and they’ve packaged these ancient superfoods with the modern convenience of an easy-to-make drink line.

We’re fans of their mushroom coffee and blends (using different types of mushroom to de-stress, wake up or stimulate), but we have to give special points to the hot cocoa, which uses cordyceps, a type of mushroom to keep you alert and ready for the day. The dark chocolate flavor comes through strong – we could get used to replacing our daily coffee with this stuff! 

Use code ‘exo’ for 15% off your order.


Phat Fudge – Real Ingredient Performance Food

Made by Mary Shenouda, the genius behind the blog Paleo Chef (and the creator of some of the tastiest paleo snack recipes that we have on high rotation) calls her phat fudge mixed with coffee #unicornfuel for good reason.

Phat Fudge is made with only 12 ingredients as a replacement to

traditional ‘gel packs’ – the simple ingredients like Grass Fed Butter, Tahini, Cacao, Coffee, Turmeric, Cinnamon, Sea Salt, Maca, Raw Honey, Vanilla and Cayenne are chosen to provide sustained energy, focus, memory and more.

Use the code ‘exo10’ to get 10% off your order! 


Genki-Su – Japanese Drinking Vinegar 

We couldn’t order Genki-su’s drinking vinegar fast enough when we first heard about them – it’s Japan’s version of Kombucha. Drunk by samurai warriors to combat fatigue, drinking vinegar is still enjoyed by 70% of Japan’s current population, and you don’t need to be a samurai warrior to enjoy it.

No added sugar, made with natural ingredients and inspired by a family recipe from Okinawa, Japan. We’re fans of Shiso and Yuzu. Beware, Genki-Su’s version is potent – a few drops go a long way.


MatchaBar: Iced Matcha Tea

There’s a huge difference between a fantastic, foamy matcha latte and a sub-par one overladen with sugar. Our mates behind the popular MatchaBar, the first speciality matcha cafe in New York (locations in Williamsburg and Chelsea) are legit – ceremonial grade matcha sourced from a family farm in Japan, tasty, good-for-you beverages served on the spot. They just launched a convenient packaged Iced Matcha Tea in three flavors for on-the-go matcha goodness.


Rip Van Wafels – Traditional Amsterdam Snack Waffles

You no longer have to travel to Amsterdam to get snack waffles. We’ve tried these guys for breakfast with nut butters, as an afternoon snack with our coffees and everything in between. And they have nutritional benefits to boot – under 8g sugar, no trans fat, no artificial flavors, no preservatives and no high fructose corn syrup makes this snack a light treat. They just sealed a distribution deal with Starbucks – meaning you can get tasty little waffles with your coffee from the biggest coffee chain in America.


Any products you’re loving too? Send us an e-mail at or tweet us and let us know – extra points for strange products from other countries. We’re down for anything.

Jess Tran
Jess Tran


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