No Guts, No Glory.
And No Gluten, Soy or Dairy.*

Exo Protein bars are designed to give you that extra spring in your step that you need to take on the world. Whether you’re hiking your favorite trails or simply biking home from the office, our snack bars and protein bites are here to give you the fuel you need to get through.

With all the proteins, vitamins, and nutrients, you’ll have the energy for all your favorite adventures -- and thanks to the “special ingredient” in our bars, eating can be a new adventure, too! We pack every delicious protein bar with healthy fruits, nuts... and cricket protein!

*No Wheat, Soy, Milk or Egg ingredients.

We're Not Hearing Crickets

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Energy bars that put a chirp in your step.

A better protein bar.

You’ll eat bugs. These investors are betting millions on it.

One of the best protein bars of 2016

Protien Bars


3 delicious flavors. 16 grams of protein. Nutritious and Sustainable.

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