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Robb Wolf

Former Research Biochemist; Paleo Nutrition Expert

Michelle Tam

Nom Nom Paleo

Mark Sisson

Former Elite Triathlete;
Author, The Primal Blueprint

Mary Shenouda

Paleo Chef;
Founder of Phat Fudge

Stone Gossard

Pearl Jam Guitarist

Courtney Burns

Chef, Bar Tartine

John Durant

Health Entrepreneur; Author, The Paleo Manifesto

Madelyn Moon

Holistic Health Coach

Dan Felder

Co­-Founder / Chief Innovation Officer, Pilot R+D

Ben Leber

Former NFL Player; Fox College Football Analyst

Steve Parsoneault

CrossFit Games Athlete and Coach

Dr. Mark Cheng

Martial Arts Expert

Matt Accarrino

Chef, SPQR

Dr. Anne E. McBride

Editorial Director, Culinary Institute of America

Dr. Ali Bouzari

Co-Founder / Chief Science Officer, Pilot R+D

Mark Jones

Ultrarunner; Extreme Endurance Athlete

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